Kris Kross: Where are They Now?

by rafi on June 21, 2009

Every time I miss the bus I think about Kris Kross and what those guys are up to these days.

Today I did a little research on the topic to satisfy my curiosity.

Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly (the normal looking one) is apparently this real soft-spoken dude, who is trying to make his alopecia work for him as a fashion statement. I don’t think this will catch on like the reversed jeans did though.

It’s hard to understand anything dude says but did he say he manages an artist named Mussolini? Speak up dude! Even the fly young honey standing right next to him seems to be struggling to hear what Kelly is saying. Otherwise she just wears a permanent squint, which is also possible.

Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith also remains in the industry today, though he is now better known as Elliott Wilson of ego trip, XXL, and now Rap Radar.

The Daddy Mac Elliott Wilson at a radio interview

The Daddy Mac Elliott Wilson at a radio interview


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